sociallife is a ”social“ social network!

We reach a lot of people, and that’s why we want to do “good”. At the time of its establishment already it was the goal of sociallife to promote social projects and support people who commit themselves to social projects.
That’s what we call: sociallife promotion of social projects.

By using sociallife you can support many local, regional or even global projects and organisations with a simple click. The best thing about sociallife’s social projects is the fact that really 100 percent of the donations reach the respective project.

How we do it? All fees and all administration and organisation costs are covered by sociallife network GmbH. Moreover, sociallife network GmbH will allocate a share of the annual profit to social projects on which all sociallife users are invited to hold a vote.

sociallife offers all kinds of social projects, easily accessible to everyone, in our own network. That way, STARS may show on their profile page which social projects they are currently supporting. By “awarding a star” it is easy to spread the word and ensure the promotion of the projects. You can participate in existing social projects, or start new ones, and ask for the support throughout the entire sociallife network.

A community doing “good deeds”, for everyone!