Investments should be safe, transparent and successful.

Therefore, choosing sociallife is a simple and good investment. Social networks have become more and more well-established and are indispensable in the users’ daily lives. Criticism aimed at data collection and security is growing at the same rate because of the fact that existing networks are subject to US legislation. The negative events associated with data security in the past few years have been unprecedented. Insecurity is growing among users; however, there is no alternative so far which would be subject to stricter data protection laws. This is where sociallife comes into play.

As an enterprise based in Germany we are bound by European legislation and thus also by data protection regulations. This security provides greater freedom to users in all community functions and protects private data - a real argument for our users and investors.

Invest in the future of a “safe” social community and become a real visionary in “sociallife”. Possibilities are practically unlimited, which also applies to the integration and linking with shops and services.

Become part of sociallife and contribute with an investment from 100.000 euros. Follow the example of Peter Thiel – the first to recognise the potential of facebook. Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be pleased to answer your questions in more detail. We look forward to you as our investment partner!

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