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Contract terms


1. Conclusion:
By placing an order you make an offer to enter into a binding agreement with you. We may accept this offer by sending an order confirmation by email.

2. Term of the agreement:
The agreement shall be effective for 30 days from the activation date.

3. Termination:
1 week prior to the end of the contract term. The term shall automatically be renewed for a further 30 days unless the agreement is terminated. Notice shall be given by email to, or by mail to sociallife network, Stromerweg 14, 91058 Erlangen, Germany.

4. Payment:
Your advertising package must be paid in full and in advance for the entire term of the agreement. In case the agreement is renewed, payment shall be due on the first day of the renewal period for the entire term.
In case of insufficient funds in your account we will not activate the advertising package until the account has been settled.

5. Activation:
We shall activate your advertising package immediately after receipt of your payment. Your advertising package is deemed activated as soon as it goes live on

6. Right of Revocation:
The agreement may only be revoked until performance has been completed (activation and publication)! After publication a right of revocation shall be excluded. This shall not affect the ordinary right to terminate the agreement by the end of the contract term.